Faculty Award Recipient

Faculty Award Recipient

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Ross

From his first days as a new Rebbe, through over a decade as a curriculum coordinator and Assistant Principal, Aaron Ross has been a mainstay in our Middle School.  He has taught, and continues to teach, classes in Gemara and Chumash, and he wrote and implemented our curriculum in Beur Tefilla. He was an early adopter of technology and Project-Based Learning in the Judaic Studies classroom, passions that he has shared with his colleagues in his administrative capacity.

He is a firm believer that there is an ever-expanding array of ways in which children learn and express themselves, and thus he has been heavily involved in a wide range of activities outside of the classroom, from our annual Megilla reading to our Chicken Kashering, from Color War to Yemei Iyun to Frost Valley to Niagara Falls. Rabbi Ross was heavily involved in researching the history of the school for our 75th-anniversary celebrations and was the editor of the anniversary book that the school produced that year.

He has maintained long-standing relationships with many of his students and takes great pride in seeing their accomplishments after they graduate from Yavneh. His greatest thrill as a teacher has been the opportunity to teach all five of his children – Shmuel (‘14), Chaya (‘15), Ahuva (‘16), Shimon (‘19), and Tiferet (‘21).

Rabbi Ross, his wife Tzipora, and their children live in Bergenfield, NJ and are members of Congregation Beth Abraham.