Faculty Award Recipient

Faculty Award Recipient

Jordana Baruchov

Beloved Morah to hundreds of students, Mrs. Jordana Baruchov began her teaching career in Yavneh Academy and never left.  She has spent 27 years educating and inspiring middle school students through her classes and though experiential Judiac learning opportunities that she introduced to the school.  “Classics” in the middle school, like Daglanut dances and Project Shabbat, were Morah Baruchov’s creations to reach and inspire the Yavneh community and the larger Bergen County Jewish community.

Morah Baruchov, a graduate of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, is a talented and passionate educator, having taught chumash, megillah, navi, parsha and more to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  She was also the first Yavneh teacher to win the Grinspoon Steinhardt award, as well as awards for the curriculum she wrote. For 15 years, Morah Baruchov has also been responsible for creating innovative, engaging, and spiritual programming for the middle school, first working independently and then collaboratively with her fellow Deans.  

Morah Baruchov is a lifelong learner and continues to share her passion for Torah through shiurim, classes, programs, challah bakes and more!  Her podcast  and weekly parsha messages, “Drink it in!”, can be found on her Instagram and Facebook pages.  

Morah Baruchov is a proud mom of 6 children and grandma to 3 beautiful grandchildren.