Guests Of Honor

Guests Of Honor

Amy & Josh Buchsbayew

Our Guests of Honor, Amy and Josh Buchsbayew, have been Yavneh parents for over a dozen years and find themselves as members of a unique group – parents who have contributed, in a myriad of ways and across the years, ever since joining the Yavneh family.

We can’t be sure if, more often, the position found Amy or Amy found the position, but Amy has held many at Yavneh; Yavneh administrators and lay-leaders learned quickly that she could be relied on to handle tasks of all shapes and sizes with great efficiency and marked effectiveness.  Across the years, Amy has led committees while serving on others; her efforts have affected much of the Yavneh Academy which we enjoy today. When we wear Yavneh apparel, we have Amy to thank. When we feel Redhawk pride, we have Amy to thank. When we enjoy the benefits of renewed and re-invigorated committees including Recruitment and Retention, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Coordination, the Yavneh Lunch Nutrition Initiative, we have Amy to thank.  And when Yavneh needed someone to step up and co-chair the Annual 5K Run/Walk Committee, we had Amy to thank. And yet, Amy would not let her efforts end there. Yes, she lent her hand when the time came to furnishing Rabbi Knapp’s office. Yes, from Nursery through 8th Grade, and from Fairview Avenue to the end of the Parking lot, Amy has done it all.  Presently, Amy serves Yavneh as a Vice President and chairs the school’s Sports Committee.  And for all that – and more – we are most grateful.

Given all of Amy’s efforts on behalf of Yavneh, one might wonder how Josh kept up.  But that he did. In short, Josh has lent Yavneh his keen insight, his financial acumen and his irrepressible zeal, ensuring that the school’s finances were never overlooked.  Across the years, his service to the Finance Committee has been essential and his views always valued by his peers. Presently, Josh serves as a Finance Committee member, as well as, the chair of the Development Committee.  Josh has spearheaded the efforts to bring an Endowment initiative to Yavneh, as well as, assisted in the launch of our Amudai Yavneh program, that which remains as the cornerstone of Yavneh’s fundraising efforts. One is forced to wonder if a day passes during which the development efforts of Yavneh Academy do not cross Josh’s mind as calls, texts, emails and meetings on this topic are among the activities which keep Josh so busy.  Josh’s efforts on behalf of the Golf Outing have made it the exceptional event it is today, effective as a fundraiser and an enjoyable day for all. We thank Josh for the endless hours he has contributed to fundraising for Yavneh, present and future.

This year, we are fortunate to honor Amy and Josh Buchsbayew, a couple whose love for their children – Zoey (Yavneh ’16), Ella (Yavneh ’18) and Ryan (Yavneh ’21) – and whose love for our school have served us all as they have continually channeled their talents and their efforts to the benefit of Yavneh Academy and the community beyond.