Service Award Recipient

Service Award Recipient

Dr. Rachel Jacobs

Dr. Rachel Jacobs (Yavneh class of 1993) is a family dentist in Dumont, NJ. Dr. Jacobs and her husband Brian have three children, two recent Yavneh graduates currently at The Frisch School and one Yavneh sixth grader. Dr. Jacobs received her DMD degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and her undergraduate degree from Stern College. In between fillings and cleanings, Dr. Jacobs was a YPAA co-President for two years, served on the YPAA Board for 6 years and currently serves as a member of the Yavneh Board of Directors.

Many have seen Dr. Jacobs walking the Yavneh halls with her giant toothbrush, visiting the Early Childhood department to educate the children about dental hygiene. She also co-chaired the Yavneh calendar and directory for many years. Dr. Jacobs is a frequent volunteer at the Yavneh Open House, Book Fair, Purim Chagigah, Supper Quiz, Mom’s Night Out and is a recent YPAA Color War Champion. As a proud Yavneh graduate and parent, Dr. Jacobs is always happy to dedicate her time and services to the Yavneh community.